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Nakusa is a disabled girl who is deeply traumatized by the rejection of her mother. Paralyzed inside her longing, distortions, delusions and alienation she searches for the love and connection we all need to survive or risks ceasing to exist. Inspired by Sergei Rachmaninoff and his Prelude in D major Opus 23 No. 4 This film is meant to be a visual representation and symbolic of what a life-altering trauma feels like - interpersonal and environmental.

Theme: Trauma

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"I feel like a ghost wandering in a world grown alien. I cannot cast out the old way of writing and I cannot acquire the new. I have made an intense effort to feel the musical manner of today...but it will not come to me."


Sergei Rachmaninoff


NAKUSA really “spoke” to me on a cellular and artist level. Being a helicopter crash, polytrauma survivor and Founder of Artists For Trauma. I’ve been entirely relandscaped from burns, lost flesh, severed body parts and a multitude of fractures. Jennifer’s script, acting and surreal effects were truly comprehensive and emotionally poignant. I continue to feel the raw, reverberating impact of NAKUSA.

Artists For Trauma is an organization that utilizes all arts and entertainment to educate and empower trauma survivors. I was enlightened by the fact that NAKUSA was inspired by Rachmaninoff’s personal experience as a trauma survivor. Many iconic artists over hundreds, maybe thousands of years utilized art to process and express.



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I was in awe to learn that in addition to Jennifer writing and co-directing NAKUSA, she herself played Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in D Major Opus 23 no. 4, you hear in the film. Wow!

Trauma is a part of the life process for humans and our planet. Physical, mental and emotional trauma is real and often stays with us beyond our understanding. If you or your family are impacted by life altering trauma we encourage you to reach out for help. You are not alone.

NAKUSA is an authentic interpretation of how a life altered trauma survivor might often feel. I know I did and sometimes still do.

I thank and applaud Jennifer Kramer, her beautiful, sensitive, creative soul and the amazing producers, cast and crew who manifested an excellent, ethereal film about trauma that many of us may learn from and relate to first-hand.

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